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If at first you don’t succeed…

There are opportunities and challenges when it comes to physician-led innovation. It’s how those challenges are met that will determine the success of your idea or innovation.

On this episode of Boldly, you will hear a conversation between CEO of Orpyx Medical Technologies, Dr. Breanne Everett, and Dr. Dennis Reich, a natural-born entrepreneur and technology consultant.  They share the value of being around like-minded individuals as well as the importance of patience when it comes to innovation.

Dr. Reich shares how he has always been the type to see opportunities to make things better. He gives some honest advice on what makes innovation easier and shares some barriers he has faced. He talks about the execution of the idea being the most crucial part.

You will hear why innovation can be harder in the medical field-but how we can expect changes to happen fast. You will hear some advice on all of these topics and more. Likely if you have ideas on ways to make things better…guess what? You’re an innovator too!  

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Key Takeaways

What advice would Dr. Reich give to another innovator in the medical field?

  • It’s important to seek out like-minded individuals.
  • Get out and get the feedback from people who have done it before.
  • Ensure some funding behind you.
  • Have an open conversation with business professionals who have experience.

tweetable: Really have an open and honest conversation with people in business who have done it before.

What changes has Dr. Reich seen over time in the entrepreneurial ecosystem?

  • A lot of promise.
  • Healthcare could use technology that is used in other sectors and make huge leaps in a short amount of time.
  • People will realize the need for technology to be developed within healthcare.

tweetable: In some ways, it’s a little scary how quickly some of these technologies will be implemented and how disruptive it will be.

Will being an innovator become more accepted within medicine?

  • You will have to marry the physicians with good ideas with people that know how to execute those ideas.
  • The execution of these ideas is the biggest challenge.

tweetable: Working with others is critical.

Advice to physicians to become more innovative?

  • If you see issues that you would like to change―then you’re an innovator. Not everyone is!
  • Seek out people that have done this before.
  • Be very patient.
  • Don’t put too much weight into the idea itself. The execution is the key.

tweetable: Be patient. Be very, very patient. Don’t try and change the world overnight- even if it’s a simple problem.

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