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The possibilities are exponential in technology and medicine

The Ford Model T, Instagram and Netflix all turned their respective industries on their heads and transformed the way we live our lives forever. But, what do disruptive innovations like these mean for the future of medicine? 

In this episode of Boldly, Nancy Crain, our Chief Social Innovation Officer at Joule, sits down with Philip Edgcumbe: engineer, innovator, entrepreneur and clinician-scientist-to-be. Philip is currently developing an augmented reality ultrasound navigation aid (ARUNA) for more intuitive display of intra-operative ultrasound images during minimally invasive surgery.
Sit tight as we explore the transformative potential that disruptive and exponential technologies have, how we can apply them to improve the way we deliver care and how we can overcome the challenges of adopting them in a system that’s lagging behind.
tweetable: It’s important as a health care community that we embrace some of these truly transformative technologies and think about how we can apply them in health care. 
How can we appropriately adopt and apply these technologies in a way that is evidence-based, empowering the patient and helping to drive better health outcomes? Listen to find out.
tweetable: My vision for the future of health care is one in which doctors are truly fulfilled in their work and have the time to focus on patients.

Key takeaways

What are disruptive and exponential innovations?
  • What makes an innovation or technology disruptive.
  • The difference between a linear and exponential pace.
  • What it means when a technology jumps on the exponential curve.
  • The transformative potential of exponential innovation in the health care sector.
  • The impact on the human component of health care.
tweetable: Maybe we can use our existing resources, revisit how we’re using them, focus on technology that really drives sufficiency and innovation in the system―and that’s how we can build capacity to deliver better health care.
What will it take to successfully implement them?
  • What the challenges are for adopting and implementing new technologies in Canadian health care.
  • How to overcome the challenges and embrace innovation.
  • What makes for successful health care innovation in Canada.
tweetable: Sometimes experts are the people that can tell you what cannot be done, whereas, a medical student coming into the system―just embrace your naïveté, embrace that you may see things differently, embrace that you may not know what can’t be done, and in that naïveté, go ahead and do it.
What does it mean for physicians and medical students?
  • How physicians can benefit from their ever-changing relationship with their patients.
  • Why physicians should embrace their new role in the digital future.
  • Why empowering patients with technology empowers the whole health care system.
  • What the future doctor’s toolkit will look like.
  • How to adopt an innovation mindset.
tweetable: Where there is convergence, where two exponential technologies kind of come together, there’s real opportunity for innovation.
To get more insights from Philip, be sure to follow him on Twitter at @Philip_Edgcumbe.

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