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Meet emerging physician innovators Charles Choi and Eric Zhao

In 2018, both Charles Choi and Eric Zhao received $5,000 Joule Innovation grants in the student category for their respective initiatives.

Charles Choi's initiative, VitalEyes, is a non-contact method to measure the vital signs of emergency department patients. It simultaneously measures heart rate, respiratory rate, and temperature of a single patient. They are now exploring the use of video cameras, 24GHz frequency modulated continuous wave radars, and thermographic cameras to determine heart rate, respiratory rate, and temperature. Their system is designed to then alert healthcare professionals to attend to deteriorating patients whose vital signs have become abnormal.

Eric Zhao's initiative, Lumina, is an improved toolkit for central line access. The device combines the tools for needle insertion, flashback verification, and guidewire insertion into one compact, ergonomic tool. This tool will enable physicians to have more control in ER scenarios, helping them perform at their peak to provide excellence in health and patient care.