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Meet emerging physician innovators Drs. Alex Bilbily and Latif Murji

In 2018, both Drs. Alex Bilbily and Latif Murji received $5,000 Joule Innovation grants in the resident category for their respective initiatives.

Dr. Alex Bilbily's initiative,16Bit, is developing the Intelligent Mammogram Triage System, capable of triaging screening mammograms with high negative predictive value. Through this initiative, should a mammogram be deemed normal or benign by the artificially intelligent system, a radiologist interpretation may no longer be required―decreasing the cost associated with screening programs and the burden on radiologists. 

Dr. Latif Murji's initiative, Stand Up for Health (SU4H), is a not-for-profit organization that aims to use experiential learning to generate meaningful discussion and action surrounding the social determinants of health. SU4H will redefine the field of medical education by shifting didactic teachings to an interactive, technology-based simulation for physicians and trainees.